Laude Model United Nations is one of the oldest MUN conferences in Romania, the passion project of our students that has motivated young people to make their voices heard since 2013. Our mission is to help shape the leaders of tomorrow by sharing our passion for international affairs and debating and by promoting the values of the United Nations.

There is a sense of nostalgia to the fact that we have reached the 8th edition of LaudeMUN, so we would like to take a brief look back.

Laude-Reut students have been attending various conferences both in Romania and abroad for many years now, amassing a great deal of experience. Our students loved the idea of hosting our own MUN, and soon enough, this spark became the flame we needed to get the event going. Many years later, we now host an MUN training club led by our junior students who are passing on their past diplomatic experiences with 9th and 10th grade students. As the years went on, our conference grew increasingly into a fully-fledged academic experience, bringing students together from various Romanian high schools and, lately, from all corners of the world.

Each year brought new challenges that we have succeeded in overcoming, and past delegates have described our event as an “interactive and dynamic” and “eye-opening experience”. This year, we are excited to see the conference grow even more, as it will take place entirely at the Faculty of Law (University of Bucharest), in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel and the UN Youth Romania Association.

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