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The Conference


Working on the sixth edition of LauderMUN has made us feel a bit nostalgic towards previous editions, so this is a small retrospective of how everything had started.

In the beginning, there was only a spark of some creative minds. Our students loved the idea of hosting our own MUN, and soon enough, the simple spark was taking shape into a great event. Training for MUNs had also been fun for us, as our senior students, Mihnea Macovei and Robert Stefan, hosted an MUN club, sharing their knowledge with the ninth graders.

After its first edition, we have learned from our mistakes, and tried to improve it as well as possible for the following years. Since the second edition had gone really well, we invited, for the first time, in the third edition, other highschoolers who shared our MUN fever. The fourth edition came with new challenges, which we succeeded in overcoming. The fifth edition included more experienced and more enthusiastic students, that made the committees thrive with ideas.

It went incredibly successful, so once again this year, we are inviting you to take part in building a greater future for ourselves. Your voice matters!