Miruna Mladin – Secretary General

Miruna is a 11th grade student at the Laude-Reut Educational Complex, and is honored to be this year’s Secretary General. She discovered her passion for MUNs and international relations in the 9th grade, following the intensive diplomacy courses she took during the academic year. Regarding her personal profile, Miruna is a very sociable, outgoing and communicative person, who loves expressing all of her ideas and thoughts. She loves public speaking and debate, and wishes to inspire as many people as she can with her colorful and unique vision. She is a very enthusiastic person when it comes to facing new challenges and is able to adapt to new situations and overcome challenges in order to improve herself professionally.

Rares Bunda – President of the General Assembly

Rares is an 18 years old student at the Laude-Reut Educational Complex, in the 11th grade. For him, MUNs represented just the beginning of everything. When he participated at his first such conference in the 9th grade, he got to understand what the benefits of networking really are, how the world he lives in is actually structured, and why boundaries are just a myth for his generation. Since LaudeMUN 2020 will most likely be his last MUN, Rares said that he wants his delegates to feel the same things he felt when he made his baby steps in the MUN world: happiness, a courage boost and butterflies in their stomach.

Thessa Baluteanu – Deputy Secretary General

Thessa is a 10th grade student at the Laude-Reut Educational Complex and she is honored to be this year’s Deputy Secretary General. Last year she attended the media and communications courses organized by her high school and this year she opted for diplomacy. Regarding her personality she is an outgoing , ambitious, and empathetic person. She loves fashion, and going out with her friends. At MUNs, her favorite part was meeting new people and connecting with as many as possible. LaudeMUN is the perfect opportunity for her to meet new people, improve her organizational skills and face new challenges.

Ioana Juganaru – Deputy President of the General Assembly

Ioana is a sophomore at Laude-Reut and she will be this year’s DPGA. Since she was introduced to MUNs, her life changed for the better, hence learning that luck favours the brave. Soon enough she became acquainted with public speaking, diplomacy, international affairs, and debate and after experiencing most sides of a MUN, she can confirm there still are many things to be learned and explored. Being mesmerised by the plurality of people participating at these kind of conferences, she accepted the challenge to be part of a stunning team and take LaudeMUN to a whole new level. Summing up her whole persona, Ioana is adventurous, open-minded, positive and one thing she wants you to take from LaudeMUN is that you have to take a risk in order to win.

Tudor Coman – Chief of Press

Tudor is a 17 years old, junior year (11) student at the Laude-Reut High-School. Since joining this school, he realised the importance of diplomacy and communication in any area of expertise. Being the Chief of Press, Tudor will make sure LaudeMUN has the best possible press department and gets the right online image, as it is one of the few MUN conferences in Romania that gathers the most elitistic debaters. Outside of school, Tudor is a programming prodigy, working at Adobe since the age of 15. In his free time, he enjoys going out with his friends and working out, though he is always complaining of running out of time or energy. 

Marcus Piso – Deputy Chief of Press

Marcus is a 10th grader at the Laude-Reut High School in Bucharest. He has had many MUN experiences but this is the first one behind the scenes, part of the organising team. His passions include but are not limited computers and fencing. He is looking forward to LaudeMUN and seeing everyone in the committees!

Anastasia Piperea – Deputy Chief of Press

Anastasia is an 11th grader at the Laude-Reut Educational Complex, usually characterised as a creative and hardworking person. She started attending MUN conferences the year prior, and quickly developed a curiosity for the ins and outs of the debating world, and is honoured to be part of this project. As a member of the board, she seeks to help build a unique academic experience for LaudeMUN’s delegates and chairs alike.

Alexandra Camarasan – Chief of Staff

Alexandra is a 11th grade student at the Laude-Reut Educational Complex. She is a highly enthusiastic person that is very keen on attending MUN conferences. Her best abilities include thinking outside the box, astronomical communication skills and also promising cooking skills! In her free time, she enjoys socialising and reading about the latest trends in fashion.

Mircea Gheorghiu – Deputy Chief of Staff

Mircea is a student in the 10th grade at the Laude-Reut Educational Complex since the 9th grade. He enjoys playing football as it reduces his stress. He has proven outstanding organisational skills at the last edition of LaudeMUN and will continue to exceed everyone’s expectations this year.

Mario Ilinca – Chief of Entertainment

Mario is an intelligent, friendly and ambitious 11th grade student at the Laude Reut Educational Complex. He loves making people smile, organising parties and creating unforgettable moments. He knows what are the expectations of the delegates when it comes to the parties and guarantees that he will live up to them. Everyone loves partying and our Chief of Entertainment makes no exceptions!

Andreea Olteanu – Chief of Housing

Andreea Olteanu is a Laude-Reut 11 grader. Andreea is a very communicative and creative individual, and even more importantly, a team player. Her ambition and her great organisational skills will help her fulfil everyone’s expectations regarding her attributions, such as making sure everyone who comes outside of Bucharest has an enjoyable stay during the LaudeMUN conference.

Alexia Marta – Chief of Finance

Alexia Marta is an 11th grade student at Laude Reut Educational Complex. She is an ambitious, hardworking and inquisitive student always willing to extend her knowledge and experience in various fields. Being a very optimistic, well-organised and ambitious person, she is willing to use all her dedication in order to fulfil her role as the Chief of Finance. As a member of the Laude MUN Conference Board, she hopes to exceed all expectations.