Robin Scrieciu – Conference Manager

Robin was the Secretary General of LauderMUN 2015, the first time the conference was open to all willing high schoolers. MUNs are a passion that he first discovered in the 9th grade, a passion that still continues to this day, having been a delegate more than a dozen times. He is thrilled to return to LaudeMUN to see how it has grown in the last three years.

Maria Progloff – Secretary General

Having attended our school since kindergarten, Maria has always been the type of person who is keen on gaining knowledge. Her experience in MUNs started in 9th grade, where she first discovered her passion for economics.
Throughout her high school years, Maria has gained extensive experience through debating and volunteer work, implicitly event organising, making her experienced enough to be the Secretary General of LaudeMUN.
This position is another way for her to push through her limitations, working very hard to make sure this year’s conference will be the best one yet. She is looking forward to seeing you all at the conference!

Alina Niculae – President of the General Assembly

Alina is the type of person who wishes to be involved in as many interactive activities as possible. One of her major interests are MUN conferences, to which she participated 11 times so far, since the freshman year. Beside that, she is very keen on meeting new people and making new connections. MUNs have been the best environment for her to develop and become the interested, sociable and patient person that she is today.  By being offered the aforementioned position, this has given her the opportunity to get involved in organizing and hosting events, a skill that she constantly wishes to improve. She is looking forward to meeting all the delegates, seeing amazing debates and reading innovative resolutions.

Miruna Mladin – Deputy Secretary General

Miruna is a 10th grade student at the Laude-Reut Educational Complex, and is honored to be this year’s Deputy Secretary General. She discovered her passion for MUNs and international relations last year, in the 9th grade, following the intensive diplomacy courses she took during the academic year. Regarding her personal profile, Miruna is a very sociable, outgoing and communicative person, who loves expressing all of her ideas and thoughts. She loves public speaking and debate, and wishes to inspire as many people as she can with her colorful and unique vision. She is a very enthusiastic person when it comes to facing new challenges and is able to adapt to new situations and overcome challenges in order to improve herself professionally.

Rares Bunda – Deputy President of the General Assembly

Embracing challenges has rather been a habit than an empty promise for this year’s Deputy President of the General Assembly, Bunda Rares Alexandru. Our DPGA is a 10th grader at the Laude-Reut Educational Complex and has a long term relationship with MUNs since the very beginning of 2018. Rares always seeks to communicate with the ones that surround him and collaborate any time he can do so. He loves activities such as public speaking, but also enjoys playing basketball, going to parties or spending time with his friends. Having the opportunity to be part of the board for LaudeMUN 2019, Rares is looking forward to learning more about MUNs, meeting new people and exceeding his limits.

Antonia Grosu – Under Secretary General

Antonia is a 17 year old student at the Laude-Reut High School in 11th grade.  Ambition and work-ethic are two things that characterise this year’s Under Secretary General. Having been a student in the Laude Reut Educational Complex since kindergarten , Antonia discovered in 9th grade her passion for MUNs and her strong thirst for knowledge about the  world she lives in. She is eager to meet each and every one of you in the 7th edition of LaudeMUN, and along with the rest of the members of the organising team will make sure that LaudeMUN 2019 will be the best so far.

Marc Varzariu – Chief of Press

Marc is an 11th grade student at Laude-Reut Educational Complex. He is ambitious, passionate about organising events and eager to be the Chief of Press at this year’s edition of LaudeMUN, as this is one of his utmost aspirations for this year. He is an enthusiastic and sociable person, ready to capture the perfect moment.

He is interested in all forms of art, especially photography. Even though he is not a photographer himself, he is a committed, work-driven person, who loves to function as part of a team and will undoubtedly be ready for any situation.

Tudor Coman – Deputy Chief of Press

Tudor is a 10th grade student at the Laude-Reut High-School. Since joining this school, he realised the importance of diplomacy and communication in any area of expertise. Being the Deputy Chief of Press, Tudor will make sure LauderMUN gets the right online image, as it is one of the most prestigious conferences of this kind in Romania.

Iris Polihroniade – Chief of Staff

Iris is a 17 year old student at the Laude-Reut Educational Complex. She is kind, funny and, most importantly, a team player. Her ambition goes beyond limits, thus promising to fulfil everyone’s expectations regarding this year’s conference.
She has been a member of the LaudeMUN staff team both in 2017 and in 2018. In these two editions of the conference, she has proved to be hardworking, dedicated and motivated to keep everything under control. Experience wise, she is a valuable team member as she has already occupied the position of Chief of Staff at AsetMun2019.
She wants to create a candid and open atmosphere for all the participants and wishes everyone to “break a leg” from her place behind the scene.

Claire Raicu – Deputy Chief of Staff

Claire is a student in the 11th grade at the Laude-Reut Educational Complex. She has always been very keen on understanding geopolitical issues and international relations, therefore, MUNs represent one of the major activities that can fulfill her curiosities. Claire is a skilled organizer and she is now eager to find out more about what actually sits behind a MUN conference.
She looks forward to meeting you all at this year’s conference!

Ana Cojocaru – Chief of Entertainment

Ana is a 11th grade student at the Laude-Reut Educational Complex. She is a creative and sociable individual, who’s passions are fashion and make-up. After finishing high school she would like to study Fashion Management.

She discovered her inclination towards MUN at the beginning of 9th grade, both as a delegate and as a member of the staff team. Since then, she always wanted to become part of the LaudeMUN board. Therefore, she is going to be the Chief of Entertainment throughout this year’s edition, assuring that everyone will have a memorable experience at the Social Events.

Marius Tatarici – Deputy Chief of Entertainment

Marius is an ambitious, communicative and creative 11th grade student at the Laude Reut Educational Complex. He considers himself to be a person with high standards and a great taste. As he has participated in the past editions of LaudeMUN, he knows perfectly what are the expectations of the delegates and guarantees he will exceed them.

One of his mottos in life is that „parties are the nightly ritual of the sophisticated society.” He wants to assure the participants that he will be taking cautious care of the social events, as he considers this conference to be a gathering of the most elitist students. He promises that everyone will enjoy their time, especially after extremely hard days of committee session.

Daniela Costea – Chief of Housing

Daniela is a student in the 11th grade at the Laude-Reut Educational Complex. She is a very passionate and ambitious individual, who wishes to follow a career in Hotel Management and Hospitality. As this year’s Chief of Housing, Daniela will do her best in finding the most suitable accommodation for each delegate, as well as making every effort in order to make sure that all of you will have an amazing MUN experience.

Gabriel Gheorghe – Chief of Finance

Characterized by his problem-solving abilities and his ambitiousness, Gabriel Gheorghe is a well-organized and self-driven individual. Relying on both logical and outside-the-box thinking, Gabriel is a great team worker and, as Chief of Finance, he has further developed his analytical skills.
By occupying this position, he has taken on a very important task and, along with the other members of the LaudeMun team, he has been working hard to prepare this event.