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The Theme (2016)

Violence is not an option, so why make it a solution ?

Eradicating violence has become one of the main goals humanity has embarked on achieving. We fight to shake something so rooted in our being that we only end up fueling it more.
Violence is not an option, so why make it a solution? The extensive theme of this year’s Lauder MUN stresses the fact that we cannot fight violence with violence. Violence seems at times the easy way out, however, the easy way out will never unfold as the key to solving international conflicts.v
The committees of this conference shall have a common ambition to bring out the best in our humane and peaceful nature and find viable solutions to uproot this kind of cowardly
violence. We should stand undivided and promote a bravery that does not bring suffering to others, let it be moral or physical.
Let’s prove that our kindness, benevolence and tolerance are the only weapons we need to make this world a safer environment. As Mark Twain once said, “it is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.” We must not let something such as violence define humanity. We must show the courage necessary to inspire generations ahead.
It is to our latitude to break the pattern of fighting violence with violence.