LaudeR MUN

Shaping the future in a global world


Beginner friendly and following the common procedure format.


This committee is recommended for both beginners and experienced


This committee, simulates the UK Parliament


Advised for advanced delegates, Crisis is a fast-paced, thrilling committee.


One of our advanced committees, HSC combines history with public speaking.


Dear teachers and students,

We are proud to announce the 10th edition of LaudeMUN, which will take place at the University of Bucharest, from April 27-30 2023, at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work. With this conference, we strive to bring together over 100 participants from high schools in Bucharest and around the country, as well as to offer international delegations the opportunity to join our MUN this year.

This edition aims to bring forth simulations of unique committees, some of which make their first appearance this year, as students will tackle pressing global issues through cabinets including House of Commons and Historical Security Council. Furthermore, previous years’ successes will be present this edition as well – the Crisis Committee, the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee. This Laude Model United Nations conference is special in many ways, so do not miss the chance to be part of an amazing event!

During LaudeMUN 2023, participants play the role of delegates representing the policies, interests and objectives of a state in one of the above-mentioned simulated bodies. During these four days, they will be responsible for the legal and political decisions of the state they represent, decisions that will be reflected in the resolutions adopted during committee sessions. We invite you to attend LaudeMUN 2023, either as an independent delegate, or with a delegation accompanied by one or two adult coordinators/ professors. We, the Secretariat, would highly appreciate it!