Was the Apollo 11 Moon landing real or fake?


Today’s, 28th of April, mock debate topic within the UNOOSA committee had most delegates agreeing that the Moon landing was real, proving its validity with strong arguments. However, there were also those who vehemently disagreed, making sure their point of view was heard.

The delegate of the United States of America prompted the discussion, with the statement defending their technology available back when the famous Moon landing, the big step for humanity, was achieved. China, on the other hand, thought otherwise; they believe that the American spaceship merely orbited the Moon without ever touching its surface.

The question arising could be: “What about the well-known photo took on the Moon?”. Well, here is the answer: the delegate of China claims the photo could have been easily an artificially created fake, made up with resources found on Earth. The representative of the Republic of Korea counteracts China’s statement by bringing attention to pictures dating back to 2012, showing the presence of the American flag on the Moon. After that, the delegate proudly stated: “We can confirm with confidence that the Moon landing actually happened”. And we, dear reader, can confirm that the USA greatly appreciates the support.

The point raised by Italy, another delegation that strongly believes that the United States of America faked their achievement, is: If the USA’s technology was advanced enough to allow humans to land on the Moon, then it surely was evolved enough to fake it. This was part of a series of compelling arguments, which ended up laying the foundation for a heated discussion between the delegates. In an attempt to settle the debate once and for all, the delegation of the Netherlands presented enough evidence to prove that the famous Apollo 11 Moon landing from 1969 actually happened.

The debates are developing, and the formal session is about to start. We are all awaiting to see what these delegates have in store for us. Judging by their mock session, we can be sure to expect lots of apprehensive opinions.

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The Press Department

Author: Ioana Memetea

Editor: Ioana Nicolae – Chief of Press

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