Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM)

Beginner friendly and following the common procedure format, SOCHUM is a great committee choice for acquiring and developing your MUN abilities. It is also fit for more experienced delegates, especially people passionate about human rights and social issues.

Topic: The Kurd Rights in the Middle Eastern Region

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)

This committee is recommended for both beginners and delegates with a number of conferences in their portfolio. Quite a unique body, UNOOSA promises fun debates, strong arguments and an opportunity to exercise your knowledge about space, physics and security.

Topic: Discussing the Viability of the ASAT Tests

House of Commons

We are proud to introduce the original idea of this committee, simulating the UK Parliament. Being a special cabinet and a new addition, delegates will benefit from a training session, as well as specific Rules of Procedure clearly explained. House of Commons is best fit for intermediate level delegates, but invites everyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone and get a different kind of MUN experience.

Topic: Addressing the Status of the UK – Ireland Border

Historical Security Council (HSC)

For the 10th edition of LaudeMUN, we decided to put a twist on the classical Security Council. One of our advanced committees, HSC combines history with public speaking, in an exciting setting that will certainly help you take your MUN skills to the next level. Be sure to expect fiery debates and novel ideas!

Topic: The Abraham Accords

Crisis Committee (UNSC in a crisis situation)

Advised for advanced delegates, Crisis is a fast-paced, thrilling committee, where almost anything can be possible with the help of directives. This committee pushes you out of your comfort zone, while challenging your knowledge, flexibility and creativity. Better your problem-solving skills, as well as debating abilities, in the Mystery Crisis of LaudeMUN 2023!

Topics: Redacted – To be announced on the first day of the conference